We all think of a pure grassroots campaign as being no-cost and scrappy in its structure. David versus Goliath, and David winning. The ultimate underdog story.

Although these stories do exist, they are the exception and not the rule. There are multiple external factors that go into a “come from behind” or an “out of nowhere” victory.

Although we have been a part of many under-funded victories, many outside factors helped propel us to victory. EHG was involved in a race where the opponent spent over $400,000 to our campaign’s $13,000. We won the race with 70 votes out of 40,000 cast ballots.


How did we do it?

It’s simple- we built a grassroots coalition, leveraged those outside factors to our advantage, and used our data targeting techniques to overcome the sheer SHOTGUN MARKETING approach of our opponent.

We did not sit around wishing for more resources, a different situation, or outside help. We took the reality for what it was and maximized our real strengths.

Oh, and it took a lot of shoe leather.

This is where our “No One Size Fits All” philosophy truly comes into play. We look for all available avenues to secure victory- not just “perfect world” scenarios.

If you want a real campaign, let’s connect. We can help.


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